In this blog, we will be discussing the putting stroke.  There are 2 main options regarding the stroke, they are:

  • the straight back and through method
  • an arcing stroke from inside to square to inside.

Look at the video below and this will give you a visual of what the different putting strokes look like in action. They key to each stroke is that you contact the ball with a square putter face, on the sweet spot of the putter.  Any contact made with the ball with the club face angle closed or open, will have a negative impact on your putt.


The best way for you to select and perfect your putting stroke is via a lesson with your local professional, who has access to a Putt Lab System.

Putting is such a precise action that is quite difficult for coaches to provide you with the depth of detail that is needed to refine your putting.  The level of detail required can be achieved with the Putt Lab technology.

Look at some of the statistics that are available to you and your instructor when using the technology.  With this information, a knowledgeable coach will be able to help you make the subtle changes, required to elevate your putting to a level you might never thought possible.

A local professional who has a Putt Lab system, will be able to guide you through the process of selecting the best putting grip and fine tune your stance, posture and balance. You can see the difference that this type of technology can make when you compare the results shown below.


I would highly recommend that you find a local professional who has this equipment and try it out for yourself.  If this is not available to you in your area all is not lost.  There are many putting training aids that can help you refine your stroke at home.

Some examples are:

  • The spot 360
  • Putting mirror
  • Indoor putting mat
  • Putting laser

The key to any training aid is that it provides you with the ability to focus on a specific skill and that it provides you with instant feedback.

With the putting stroke, we have many skills that we must combine to putter effectively.  You must have good stance, posture and balance.  A putting mirror is an excellent aid to help you with this.

You need to find a grip that enables you to maintain a square club face through impact.  A spot 360 is a great aid for this providing instant audible feedback when you get it right or wrong.

You need a stroke that ensures that you can power the putt and that the putter face is square through impact.  A putting laser is great for this providing clear visual confirmation that you have got it right.

If you would like to see some drills with these training aids, go to the putting section on the website and get started.  This will give you access to all our teaching materials.  You can find the website at,


When you practice it’s important that you focus on;

  • Specific skill
  • With aids that provide instant feedback
  • With a defined way of testing that you have gained or improved the specific skill
  • With enough repetition to ensure that you can incorporate the skill into your putting system and take it to the green

To achieve this, it is important that you practice in a balanced way.  Most of your practice say 70% can and should be conducted indoors on a putting matt.  The focus should be on the mechanics of stance, posture, balance, grip and stroke.

When you go outside onto the practice green, focus on the art of putting.  On green reading pace and distance control. 

Practicing like this ensures that you use your time effectively and maximises skill acquisition and development.

I know that my programme would be helpful to anyone who wants to improve their game.   The question you need to ask yourself is, can you trust me to help you?  Visit and find out what we have to offer?


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