The Pitch Shot

In this Lesson, we will be looking at the mechanics of the Pitch Shot.  So, by the end of the lesson you will have an understanding of the pitch shot technique.


The pitch shot would normally be played from 30 or 50 yards into the putting surface.  The aim of the shot is to fly the ball high over any ground between the ball and the green.  To get the ball to land softly close to the hole.  Close enough to give you a chance to make the putt.

What You Will Learn

  • The pitch shot grip
  • Ball position
  • Stance, posture and balance
  • The pitch swing

What You Need

  • A media device mobile, tablet, laptop or computer
  • Internet connection
  • Access to a practice area
  • Your pitching wedges
  • Golf balls x 6

Chip Shot or Pitch Shot


It’s fairly easy to make the decision between a pitching or chipping the ball onto the green.  However, many new golfers get confused between the terminology not the shots themselves.


A chip shot is normally played within a few feet of the putting surface, has a low-ball flight and rolls on the green like a putt.  The pitch shot is normally played between 30 and 50 yards from the green. 


The pitch shot has a high ball flight, should land softly and have a short rollout to the hole.  The chip and pitch are completely different looking shots and have their own specific technique.


The Pitch Shot Technique


  • You require the pitch shot to fly high so, the ball should be played from the middle of your stance. This allows the full loft of the club to be presented to the ball at impact
  • Your feet should be no more than hip width apart
  • You should set up set up with your feet parallel left of the target line with the ball in the middle of your stance
  • Measure the centre of your stance from the heel to heel
  • Start with your feet at right angles to the target line.
  • Once you have the ball in the middle of your stance, turn the target side foot out 45 degrees without moving the heel
  • Your knees should be slightly flexed
  • You should have a neutral grip with the thumbs on the top of grip, with a light grip pressure
  • Flex at the hip to allow the club to reach the ground just behind the ball
  • Your arms should hang naturally underneath the shoulders
  • During the backswing you should allow the wrists to hinge
  • The backswing is completed when you have created an L shape between your arm, wrist and club
  • Allow the arms the fall into the downswing through the force of gravity
  • Synchronise the arms, upper body and lower body together
  • Allow the natural acceleration of the club through impact to take you to an L shaped finish
  • At the finish the majority of your weight should be on the target side foot with the none target foot turned towards the target. The none target side foot should be positioned with the toes touching the ground for balance

The Pitch Shot Distance Control


The pitch shot is generally played with your wedges.  You probably have a pitching wedge in your set.  It’s called the pitching wedge because it was originally designed for this shot.  However, as we discussed in the Short Game Equipment lesson, you could have a number of other wedges.


With the pitch shot you control distance by changing clubs not by adjusting the swing.  So, if you have a good spread of wedges as we recommended you will have lots of distance options for your pitch shots.


We would recommend that once you have mastered the basic technique that you spend some time on the range to work out your distance chart so that you know exactly how far you hit each wedge using the pitch shot technique.


More Short Game Tips


The next lesson in the Around the Green Coaching Plan is The Lob Shot.  We will teach you how to lob the ball onto the green, with a very high ball flight and landing softly near the hole.

Next Lesson – The Lob Shot

In this Lesson, we will be looking at the mechanics of the Lob Shot.  So, by the end of the lesson you will have an understanding of The Lob Shot technique.

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