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What is Putting


According to the English Oxford Living Dictionaries, to putt is to, “Try to hit a golf ball into the hole by striking it gently so that it rolls across the green” simple?

Some would suggest that putting is a natural gift, that some have, and some do not.  Some would say that it is a science that can be learned, and others would say, that putting ability is gained through trial and error and years of experience.

I would not be so bold as to disagree with any of these sentiments, however, the reality is that putting is a combination of them all.

A far better description of what makes a great putter would be, a player who combines the science of putting with the ability to read greens and visualise the break of the putt.  Combine these with the ability to control the balls speed and therefore distance makes a great putter.


Is Poor Putting Driving You Nuts?


Within the game of golf, there are many shots that we need to master if we are to play consistently well.  They include driving the ball off the tee, iron shots, short game shots, and putts. Anyone who has spent any time researching the science and statistics behind this great game will tell you that it is essential to putting well if you want to score well.

With a good iron shot and a pitch and a putt, you can recover from a poor drive and still make your par.  However, if you miss a putt by an inch, you must add another shot to your scorecard and putt again.  There is absolutely no chance to recover from a missed putt.

When you are sizing up a putt there are many factors that you have no control over. 

There are the type and quality of grass, variations in grain and green speed. Weather conditions, uphill, downhill and side slopes, pitch marks and the footprints, of the players who have been on the green before you.

You must take all of these things into consideration before you choose your line and then hit the putt at the correct speed, for it to have any chance to go in.  It’s a wonder that we make any putts except the ones that are so short you can’t miss! 


You Are Not Alone


Now if you asked Ernie Else after his first hole at the 2016 Masters, what an unmissable putt looks like, he would probably have agreed with me, that there isn’t one?

Ernie Els had a disastrous start carding a 9 on the first hole. That included a total of six putts within close range.  Els one of the greatest players of the game had struggled with a severe case of the yips. Els talked candidly about the “deep, dark” place his experience battling with his putting had brought him.

Els made a few changes to his putting system which has helped enormously, and he is now enjoying getting to the green again.  Now if this can happen to one of the greats of the game, then it would be unrealistic to assume that us mere mortals, will not face difficulties with our putting, at some stage in our golfing lifetime. 

How to Improve Your Putting


It’s a little like back pain, you might not have a problem now, but you have an 80% chance of developing it during your lifetime.  The key point here is that, if you know that probability, you can make some changes to help prevent an issue occurring. 

It is the same with putting, if you have built a solid system, you will generally putt well every time you go out to play.  You will have days when you putting score is better than others, that’s just golf.  But, if your system is sound you will have far more better days than bad. 

I generally take between 30 putts per round, which would put me level with some PGA tour players.

When you compare the putting statistics of pro and amateur golfers, it’s no surprise that the pros putt significantly better than the average amateur.  However, putting is not dependent on your physical fitness, strength, speed or power.     

We know, that with the right information and focused practice anyone can become a good putter.

Here at, we developed our putting programme based on scientific research, tour statistics and the most up to date approach to developing skill. 

We will teach you how to read the greens on any course more effectively and provide you with a clear understanding of the biomechanics of the putting stroke.  We will help you develop a consistent and repeatable stroke within a pre- shot and execution routine that will help you make more putts.


I know that my programme would be helpful to anyone who wants to improve their game.   The question you need to ask yourself is, can you trust me to help you?  Visit and find out what we have to offer?


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