The Short Game

Starting with the Basics

Playing golf requires you to learn a number of golf shots.  You need to be able to drive it off the tee, play long iron, short game shots and putt.  During a round of golf over 60% of all your shots are played from 100 yards and in to the green.  The Short Game Coaching Plan will help you develop the shots you will need from 100 yards and in to the green.

The average tour player will make between 10 & 12 greens in regulation per round.  Amateur golfers will make far less than that depending on their handicap.  Therefore, the amateur golfer relies more heavily on their short game.  The key to the short game is getting the ball close enough to the hole, so that you have a good chance of making the putt, to save par or boggy at worst.


The short game course was designed to help you play better golf.  By enhancing your ability to get the ball onto the green from 100 yards and in.  The course covers the fundamentals of the short game and some practice drills.



Practice Drills


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Chapter Preview

Chapter 4 Around The Green

What You Will Learn

The aim of the short game course is to help you play your best golf, by helping you become better and more consistent at getting the ball up and down from 100 yards and in to the green.

We do this by providing you with high-quality instructional golf videos that cover all aspects of the short game techniques.

Short Game Equipment

In this lesson, we will be looking at short game equipment. Having the right equipment will help you to develop your short game and lower your scores.

Pitch Shot

The pitch shot would normally be played from 30 or 50 yards into the putting surface.  The aim of the shot is to fly the ball high over any ground between the ball and the green.  To get the ball to land softly close to the hole.  Close enough to give you a chance to make the putt.

Greenside Bunker Shot

The greenside bunker shot worries many golfers, because they are concerned about not being able to get the ball out of the sand.  However, the shot is one of the easier shots in golf, as long as you use the right technique.

Chip Shot

The chip shot would normally be played within a few yards of the green.  The ball should land and then very quickly run out towards the hole like a putt.

Lob Shot

The Lob Shot would normally be played close to the green, in a position where there is little distance between the landing area and the hole.  Often there will be an obstruction such as a bunker, between the ball and the green surface.  The obstacle requires a high shot that lands very softly with a very short rollout.

Short Game Shot Routine

Tour players tend to be pathological in the adherence to their shot routine.  They understand the importance of consistency in their shot routines through club selection, pre-shot and shot execution routines.  

Chapter 5 Short Game 100 yards & In

What You Will Learn

We have included some short game drills, some of which need some additional training aids.  We have chosen these vary carefully, to ensure that your practice is focused and provides instant feedback.  This will ensure that you pick up the short game skills, as quickly and effectively as possible.

Finesse Swing

The aim of the finesse swing is consistent accuracy not power, to get your approach shots as close to the hole as possible.

Short Game Practice Routine

It is unlikely that you will improve your short game without practice.  In this lesson, we are going to look at building a framework to teach you how to practice your short game.

Lob Shot Practice Drill

The drill will help you to improve your ability to hit your lob shots closer to the hole.  This will increase confidence in the shot and help you make more putts.

Fairway Bunker Shot

The fairway bunker shot is one of the easier shots as long as you can master the correct technique.

Chip Shot Drill

This drill will help you to develop your chip shot accuracy, allowing you to hit your chip shots closer to the hole.  Ensuring that you have an opportunity to make more putts.

Bunker Shot Distance Control Drill

we are going to look at a drill to help you to control the distance you hit your shots out of a bunker.  

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