Short Game


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Brushing up on your short game at the practice area is fine and good but taking it with you to the golf course – when your score is really on the line – is another story.

Ernie Els

The Short Game

Golf requires that you master a number of shots if you are going to play consistently well.  They include driving, long iron shots, short game shots and puts.

My research and game experience has given me the understanding that over 60% of all golf shots are played within 100 yards of the hole.

The average tour player will make between 10 & 12 greens in regulation per round,  as amateur golfers we will make less than that.  We will have to rely on our short game during every round and its importance to our score is high.


How We Can Help You


We have developed a short game course based on research and statistics and the most up to date approach to developing skill.

What You Will Learn

We will teach you how to select the most appropriate equipment and a variety of shot techniques that when aquired will work for you time after time.

Skill Development

When you attempt to learn a new skill you go through a process of learning that leads step by step from beginner to expert.  We will guide you through this process to make your learning experience enjoyable and productive.

My Approach

When you are sizing up a short game shot you have to understand what constitutes a good outcome.  What we are really trying to do is get the ball close enough to the hole, so that we have a good chance of making the putt.

When you compare the putting statisitcs of pro and amatuer golfers, its no surprise that the pros putt considerably better than the avergae player.  However even tour players chances of making putt reduce once they get outside of 8ft.

The real test of your short game success is getting your ball within 8ft of the hole to give the best chanceof making the putt.

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