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The Green2Tee Golf 100 Yard & In Coaching Plan was designed to help you play better golf.  By enhancing your ability to get the ball up and down from shots from 100 yards and into the fringe of the green.  The plan includes 3 video lessons covering the fundamentals of the short game including the finesse swing, fairway bunker and shot routine

Chapter 1 : The Finesse Swing

  • Stance, posture and balance for the Finesse Swing
  • Ball position
  • The neutral grip
  • Swing lengths and distance control
  • Swing speed

Chapter 2 : The Fairway Bunker Shot

  • Ball position to guarantee ball first contact
  • Grip for the fairway bunker shot
  • Stance, posture and balance for the Fairway Bunker shot
  • Swing speed

Chapter 3 : Short Game Shot Routine

  • Establishing your routine
  • What to think about as you approach the ball
  • How to measure the distance to the flag
  • The wind effect on distance control
  • Working out the green high and low point
  • Club selection
  • Pre-shot routine
Len Stanley

Len Stanley

Short Game 100 Yards & In Coaching Plan Introduction

What You Will Learn

  • Refine accuracy of shots into the green, using the Finesse Swing
  • Distance control method
  • How to perform the fairway bunker shot
  • How to develop a short game shot routine

100 Yards & In Coaching Plan


If you have completed our Around the Green Coaching Plan, you will already know that over 60% of all golf shots are played within 100 yards of the hole.


A review of PGA Tour player putting statistics will show the importance of getting your approach shots a close to the hole as possible.  It simply makes sense that the closer you are to the hole, the more chance you have of making the put.


So, how close do you need to be?  The tour players chances of making a putt, are significantly reduced once they are outside of 8ft.  This would be no different for the average amateur.  So, the real test of success for your short game is getting your ball within 8ft of the hole.  This will give you the best chance of making the putt.


The 100 Yards & In Coaching Plan will help you develop techniques that will help you hit more greens and close enough to give you a chance of making that all important putt.


Lesson Learning Outcomes


The Around the Green Coaching Plan aims to:


  • Inspire golfers to develop sound short game technique
  • Teach the fundamentals of the finesse swing
  • Improve accuracy when hitting into the green
  • Help you get closer to the hole with your short game shots
  • Help you to improve your up and down statistics
  • Teach you how to get out of a fairway bunker


Why Learn the Finesse Swing?


If we were to describe the Finesse Swing, we would be using words such as, effortless, positive, rhythmical, soft and touch.  We are looking for shots that have a focus on accuracy rather than distance.  Our aim with these shots is to get the ball closer to the hole, to give us more chance of making the putt.  What golfer wouldn’t want to improve their accuracy into the green?

Course Content


The 100 Yards & In Coaching Plan consists of a 3-video series looking at:


  • Refines accuracy of shots into the green, using the Finesse Swing
  • Distance control method
  • How to perform the fairway bunker shot
  • How to develop a short game shot routine


The secret of golf is to turn 3 shots into two.

Bobby Jones

The more I work and practice, the luckier I seem to get.

Gary Player

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