Putting Coaching Plan

Playing golf requires you to learn a number of golf shots.  You need to be able to drive it off the tee, play long iron, short game shots and putt. 

Anyone that has played any golf will realise the importance of good putting.  Tom Lehman summed it up when he said “When I putt well, I do very well. When I putt poorly, I struggle to be in the game”.

Green Reading

We will teach you how to read the greens on any course more effectively. 

During the course we will look at green construction, the Eyeline and Aimpoint Express green reading methods.  So that you can choose which putting method gives you the best results. 

We will help you to visualise breaking puts, so you can select the best line and speed, helping you make more putts.

Putting Fundamentals

We have developed this putting course based on our research into putting statistics and biomechanics.  We will teach you grips, stance, posture and balance to ensure your set up is correct. 

We will teach you about putting strokes, distance control and how to put all this together, to develop a consistent putting routine.  A consistent routine and technique, will help you make more puts.

Putting Practice

Once you have the basics of putting technique, you will need to practice helping you develop your putting skill level. 

We have put together some putting drills, that will help you to do exactly that.

Len Stanley

Len Stanley

Putting Plan Introduction

What You Will Learn

  • Factors to consider when putting
  • Putting statistics professional and amateur
  • What we based the plan on
  • An introduction to how skill is developed

Putting Coaching Plan


The Green2Tee Golf Putting Coaching Plan was designed to help you play better golf by, enhancing your putting ability.  The plan includes 17 video lessons covering green reading, putting fundamentals and some practice drills.


Putting Coaching Plan includes:


  • 17 coaching videos covering all aspects of putting
  • 4 videos teaching you how to read greens more effectively using the Eyeline or Aimpoint Express systems
  • 7 videos with a focus on developing the fundamental skills required to be a great putter.  Looking at:

–  Grips

–  Alignment Stance, posture and balance

–  Developing your putting stroke

–  Putting rhythm

–  Developing a putting routine

–  Selecting your putter

  • 6 videos giving some drills to help you develop your putting ability


The aim of our Putting Coaching Plan is to help you play your best golf by, helping you become a better more consistent putter. We do this by providing you with high-quality instructional golf videos that cover all aspects of green reading and putting technique.


The Putting Coaching Plan can be followed from home, at the office or on the practice green.  We recommend that a lot of your putting practice should be done on a putting mat, at home or in the office.   All you need is a putter, some balls and a good putting mat, with some space to practice.


We have included some putting drills some of which need some additional training aids.  We have chosen these vary carefully, to ensure that your practice is focused and provides instant feedback.  This will ensure that you pick up the skills of a great putter, as quickly and effectively as possible.

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