Playing The High Shot

During this lesson we will be discussing the biomechanical changes that you need to make when Playing the High Shot.  So, that by the end of the lesson you will understand the technical requirements for the high shot.

What You Will Learn

  • When to start reading the green
  • How greens are constructed and how that affects your putt
  • Identifying green slopes
  • Grass grain and how it affects ball speed

What You Need

  • A media device mobile, tablet, laptop or computer
  • Internet connection
  • Practice area or driving range
  • Golf balls
  • Tour sticks x 3
  • Woggle x 1
  • Sand Wedge – 9 Iron

Playing the High Shot


The aim of the shot is to hit the ball with a high-ball flight towards your chosen target. 


You might need to use this type of shot to stop the ball quickly on the green or get over an obstacle like a tree branch.


Set up Adjustments When Playing the High Shot


So, to make the ball fly high in the air you need to make some adjustments to your set up.  There are a number of ways that a fade can be achieved.   However, I would recommend that you make the fewest changes to your normal swing as possible required to make this shot.


The set-up changes required to hit the high shot are:


  • Your ball to target line is that which goes through the ball and on towards the target
  • The ball should be forward in your stance, 1 inch’s further forward, (up to no more than level with your target side heel) than normal
  • The foot, target line should be slightly left of the normal parallel left to ball to target line. You need to do this because the club face is slightly open
  • Your knees, hips and shoulders should be parallel to the foot line
  • Your grip should be changed slightly as you need to open the club face to increase its loft
  • Your swing should be a normal length and end with a full finish
  • Your swing tempo should be the same as normal

What’s Next


The next lesson in the Advanced Shot Coaching Plan is Playing From Uphill Lies.


Next Lesson – Playing From  Uphill Lies

During this lesson we will be discussing the biomechanical changes that you need to make when Playing from Uphill Lies.

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