Manage Your Tee Shot

During this lesson we will be discussing the method you could use to manage your tee shots.  So, by the end of the lesson you will have an understanding of what your process should be to manage your tee shots more effectively.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop an approach to decide how to hit your tee shot
  • The hole strategy
  • Identify the safe tee shot
  • When to attack the hole
  • Tools that can help you make decisions about your tee shot

What You Need

  • A media device mobile, tablet, laptop or computer
  • Internet connection

Managing Your Tee Shot


The aim of the tee shot is to get the ball in play and away from the course hazards, preferably on the fairway or green on a par 3.  This would put you in a good position to then progress your ball down to the green.


 Tee Shot Approach


So, to get the best results when playing a tee shot your need to:


  • Look at your hole in front of you and work out where the course hazards are
  • Having a course guide will help
  • Think about where the best position would be for you to play your second shot
  • Compare that to your ability and what shot you could pull off 7 times out of 10
  • Measure the distance to your chosen spot
  • For par 3s you probably won’t need your driver. If you have a particularly difficult tee shot in front of you might choose a 3, 4 or even an iron rather than the driver
  • You need an exact distance to help you choose the most appropriate club
  • Before you select your club make any adjustment to your choice taking the wind effect into account
  • It’s very easy to get over excited on the tee and try to hit the ball hard. Remember your tempo and make a steady swing


What’s Next


The next lesson in the Advanced Shot Coaching Plan is Playing the Golf Driver Adjustment.


Next Lesson – Golf Driver Adjustments

During this lesson we will be discussing the biomechanical changes you need to make to effectively hit your driver. 

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