Long Game Equipment

In this lesson we will be looking at Long Game Equipment.  So, by the end of the lesson you will have an idea of what equipment you will need to help you to be properly equipped to play a round of golf.  However, it’s important to note that the best way to get the right equipment for your game, is to visit your local golf club fitter.  

What You Will Learn

  • Parts of the golf club
  • Importance of changing your grip
  • Golf clubs in a set
  • How clubs affect ball trajectory and distance
  • Tee peg recommendations
  • Marking your golf balls
  • Why you should use a glove
  • How to use a golf towel
  • Distance charts
  • Course guides
  • GPS Range devices

What You Need

  • A media device mobile, tablet, laptop or computer
  • Internet connection

Long Game Equipment


Before we delve into the equipment lets discuss a commonly held miss conception that, “I’m not good enough for my golf equipment to matter”.  This is an idea that most beginner to intermediate players think applies to them.  However, this is not helpful as having correctly fitted equipment can have a significant effect on your ability to hit better shots.


The equipment you decide to buy will be based on quality, cost and personal design and branding choices.  A professional golf fitter will be able to guide you through the technical process required to fit your clubs.  They will obviously be guided by your budget and preference of manufacturer.


The top brands like Titleist, Ping, Callaway and the like are all great golf club manufacturers and you will be getting quality equipment whichever you choose My personal thought is that it does not matter which brand you choose, it’s the fitting that is most important.


You obviously need golf clubs but there are other equipment items that you will need to play golf.  We will discuss some of those items’ latter in the lesson.


Golf Club Terminology


Each golf club has a grip, shaft and club head.  The head of the golf club has a leading edge, toe, heel and a bounce on the backside of the club.  The irons through to your edges will have grooves.


The Golf Club Set V Fitted


Many new golfers go for a set of golf clubs off the rack, without having them fitted.  Here is an example of a beginners set of golf clubs priced at £229:


Driver (10.5°)

Fairway Wood


Irons (6-SW)



If you just trying out golf, you are probably better off having a few lessons with your local golf professional.  Many local golf clubs and driving ranges offer taster sessions, which are normally free.  Just give them call and see if they have any sessions available, turn up in comfortable cloths and join in with other beginners for a one-off session.  They generally provide the equipment for you to use.


If you enjoy yourself, you might consider taking up one of their group beginners programmes, which normally last about 10 weeks.  As these are normally group lessons you have the benefit of meeting other likeminded people and benefit of low-cost lessons.  You would normally pay between £5 and £10 pounds per lesson.  When you consider that the average individual golf lesson would be between £35 and £100 depending on location, the group session is a good way to start.


So, at this stage your will probably have decided if you want to continue with golf or not.  If you are going to carry on playing golf, then it’s probably time to buy your first set of golf clubs.  This is the time to have your first fitting and not to be put of by the thought that you are not good enough yet.  Think of your fitted set of golf clubs as an investment into your future golf performance.


Many golfers just go ahead and purchase a set of clubs without the fitting.  Then over time they get a different driver, maybe some wedges and a shiny putter.  By the time you have bought the additions you will probably be up around the cost of a fitted set.  You might as well do that from the start.

My Golf Equipment


You need to experiment with your golf club set up however, here is what I carry:


Driver (11.5°)

5 Wood

Rescue Club

Iron set 5-9


Wedges 50, 54, 58 and 62 degrees



I sacrificed the 3 wood that you would probably see in a lot of golfers sets so, that I could have a better spread of wedges.  This allows me to have an emphasis on the precision shots of the short game.


Additional Equipment Items


I would tend to go with one brand when buying golf equipment.  It’s a little sad but I think it looks better for your personal branding if you stick to the brand that you have picked for your golf clubs.  L purchase Callaway clubs so, all my sundry items are Callaway branded as well, it just looks nice.


Some other essential items that you should consider are:


  • Golf glove
  • Balls
  • Tees
  • Pitch repair tool
  • Ball marker
  • Range Finding GPS
  • Scorecard holder & pencil
  • Waterproofs
  • Umbrella
  • Hat
  • Sun cream 


Golf Trolley


I would recommend that you use a golf trolley or buggy rather than carry your golf clubs.  Researchers at the Rose Medical Centre in Denver analysed the performance of 8 golfers with handicaps ranging from 2-17.  Each played the front 9 of a championship course 9 times, on different days but in similar weather conditions.


They played with a trolley, caddie, buggy and carried their own clubs on different days.  After analysing their scorecards researchers found that:


  • 7 0f 8 showed their lowest scores using a trolley
  • Next best was using a caddie
  • Using a buggy was third best alternative
  • Worst option was carrying their own clubs


There was a 5 shot difference in their average scores between using a trolley and carrying their own golf clubs.  Who would not want to take an average of 5 shots of their scorecard for every round!

Next Lesson – Mechanics Of The Golf Swing

In this lesson we will be looking at the Mechanics of the Golf Swing.  So, by the end of the lesson you will have an understanding of the technical requirements of a sound golf swing.

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