Long Game Coaching Plan

Playing golf requires you to learn a number of golf shots.  You need to be able to drive it off the tee, play long iron, short game shots and putt.  The priority of the long game shots is to get the ball off the tee and then progress to the green without getting into any of the course hazards.  The long Game Coaching Plan will help you develop your golf swing to help you do that.


When you compare the long game statistics of professional and amateur golfers, it’s no surprise that the pro hits their ball further and are more accurate with their iron play.  The Long Game Coaching Plan will help you learn the swing fundamentals of grip, stance, posture, balance and coordination, to help you develop your golf swing.

Golf Swing Fundamentals

The priority of the long game swing is to get your ball in play off the tee and then to progress the ball to the green, without getting into any of the course hazards. 

This course will help you to develop the fundamentals of grip, stance, balance and coordination, to help you develop a great golf swing.

Len Stanley

Len Stanley

Long Game Coaching Plan Introduction

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to the Long Game Coaching Plan
  • Greens in regulation statistics professional and amateur
  • Golf swing concepts

Long Game Coaching Plan


The Green2Tee Long Game Coaching Plan was designed to help you play better golf.  By enhancing your ability to hit long shots with a repeatable and accurate swing.  The plan includes 29 video lessons covering the fundamentals of the golf swing and some practice drills.


Long Game Coaching Plan includes:


  • 16 coaching videos covering all aspects of the golf swing
  • 8 videos teaching you the advanced golf shots
  • 5 videos with a focus on the adjustments you need to make to your set up to hit the driver. Looking at:


–  Long game equipment


  Target alignment

  Stance, posture and balance

  The takeaway


  The backswing

  Transition to the downswing

   The impact zone

  The follow through

  The kinetic chain principle

  Advanced golf shots including the draw and fade

 Establishing a shot routine

  How to practice


The aim of our Long Game Coaching Plan is to help you play your best golf, by helping you become better and more consistent ball striker.  We do this by providing you with high-quality instructional golf videos that cover all aspects of the long game techniques.

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