Green Reading Coaching Plan

We start off the practical element of our putting course with the Green Reading Coaching Plan. The reason is that green reading is such an important aspect of good putting and the foundation on which everything else is developed.

Chapter 1 : Starting Your Green Reading Process

  • When to start reading the green
  • How greens are constructed and how that affects your putt
  • Identifying green slopes
  • Grass grain and how it affects ball speed

Chapter 2 : Finding The Fall Line

  • How to find the fall line
  • How to find the uphill put for practice sessions

Chapter 3 : Green Reading Basics

  • How to read greens using the Eyeline method
  • How to identify the line of a putt
  • Introduction to putting routine

Chapter 4 : Aimpoint Express Green Reading

  • How to read greens using the Aimpoint Express method
  • The science behind the method
  • How to identify the line of a putt
  • How to visualise the line of put using your hands
  • How to line up you putt
  • Introduction to putting routine
Len Stanley

Len Stanley

Developing a Growth Mindset

The Green Reading Coaching Plan lessons are a great place to start boosting the skills needed to play a great round of golf.

The ‘Green Reading Coaching Plan’ lessons are a hands-on way for golfers to actively practise their abilities and identify which ones to build on.

Green Reading Coaching Plan


You could have the most fantastic putting stroke but if you constantly fail to set your ball off on the right line, you are never going to have any great success. Secondly many people have quite good strokes and distance control but, are constantly changing things trying to create a perfect putting formula, this creates inconsistency.


Therefore, developing a sound and reliable method of reading the green and visualising the path and speed that the ball needs to travel to make the hole, is a vitally important first step.


The Green Reading Coaching Plan is designed to help golfers develop the skills and mindset to support the development of green reading skill.  Green2Tee Golf has produced these video resources that are underpinned by research and years of practical experience and qualification.


Lesson Learning Outcomes


This Green reading Coaching Plan aims to:

  • Inspire golfers to start their green reading process off before they reach the green
  • Provide insights and tips to help develop golfers understanding of the affect green construction has on their putts
  • Provide support the development of core green reading skills
  • Develop understanding of the basics of green reading
  • Develop an understanding of how the Aimpoint Express green reading method works


Every Putt is Different?


As every green is different, golfers need to develop the skill to be able to read putts. Along with these skills, it is important for golfers to have a mindset to adapt to daily conditions and continue to learn. The use of these skills will increase the golfer’s ability to make more putts.


How will the Green Reading Coaching Plan help golfers identify one of the most sought-after skills in golf?  Golfers will discover how to improve the core skills in green reading. After introducing the concept of starting to read the greens on approach, the next lessons demonstrate how these skills can be used to formulate a green reading strategy.

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