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Welcome to Green2Tee Golf Coaching Club

We developed our Coaching Plans to “Help Your Play Your Best Golf”.  The Green2Tee Golf Coaching Plans were designed by Len Stanley, who is a member of the European Golf Teachers Federation.  The Coaching Plans deliver an innovative golf coaching experience, set in the beautiful surroundings of the La Cala Golf Hotel & Spa. 


Lens aim was to produce coaching plans that enable golfers of all standards to improve their game. By blending the latest science and skill-based learning to deliver a comprehensive, structured online coaching solution and an affordable membership package.

Why We Started

Green Reading

We will teach you how to read the greens on any course more effectively.  During the course we will look at green construction, the Eyeline and Aimpoint Express green reading methods.  So that you can choose which putting method gives you the best results.  We will help you to visualise breaking puts, so you can select the best line and speed, helping you make more putts.

Putting Fundamentals

We have developed this putting course based on our research into putting statistics and biomechanics.  We will teach you grips, stance, posture and balance to ensure your set up is correct.  We will teach you about putting strokes, distance control and how to put all this together, to develop a consistent putting routine.  A consistent routine and technique, will help you make more puts.

Putting Practice

Once you have the basics of putting technique, you will need to practice helping you develop your putting skill level.  We have put together some putting drills, that will help you to do exactly that.

Short Game Around The Green

The average tour player will make 10-12 greens in regulation per round.  As an amateur you will average less than that.  So you will need to rely on your short game to get the ball onto the green close enough to the hole, giving you a chance to make the putt.  We will teach you the shots you will need around the green including the chip, pitch, lob and bunkers shots, to help you get the ball up and down more often.

Short Game 100 Yards & In

On average 60% of all golf shots during a round of golf are played within 100 yards of the hole.  How well we play these shots, will have a significant effect on your final score.  We will teach you all of the shots you will need to develop a great short game, helping you lower your scores.

Short Game Practice

We have put together some drills, to help you improve your short game shot skill levels.  They will help you to improve your confidence with the short game shots and help you take them from the practice area, out onto the course.

Golf Swing Fundamentals

The priority of the long game swing is to get your ball in play off the tee and then to progress the ball to the green, without getting into any of the course hazards.  This course will help you to develop the fundamentals of grip, stance, balance and coordination, to help you develop a great golf swing.

Advanced Golf Shots

We don’t play golf from a driving mat and there will be times when you will need the skill to be able to perform some of the advanced golf shots.  We have put this course together to teach you how to adapt your set up, so you can play shots that will change the balls trajectory, flight and shape.

The Driver

Learning how to use a driver can be a frustrating experience for may golfers.  This course will teach the fundamental adjustments that you need to make to be able to effectively drive the ball off the tee.

Serving Our Golf Community Since 2016

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As a member at green2Tee Golf you will become part of a Club which aspires to be the best golf and fitness coaching website. We make no apologies for being ambitious and are striving to improve the membership experience across all areas of the Club accordingly.  If you would like to join us click on the join button and get access immediately.

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Our mission is to deliver quality golf coaching exceeding every customer’s expectations, through our professional training videos.

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We have partnered with My PT Hub and highly qualified fitness professionals, to provide you with access to a huge variety of training and nutrition plans.

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We keep you up to date with golf news from, BBC Sport Golf and ESPN Golf.  We also keep an eye of YouTube and present you the best of the golf videos we find

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