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Personal Golf Coaching

Benefit from some great online golf coaching videos filmed exclusively for you, with the support of the La Cala Golf Hotel & Spa.

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Unlock Your Full Potential.

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We have years of combined experience in golf instructing, sporting activity and customer experience, and we are proud of our professional approach to online golf coaching.

By blending science with skill, our approach to online golf coaching is unique and forward-thinking.

We are invested in your achievements and success, as we know if we do the best job at improving your skill level, you’ll want to come back to us and refer us.

Free video golf lessons designed to improve your game with simple and insightful instruction.

Focus on specific areas of your game including Driving, Approach Shots, Putting, and Bunker Play.

Free Putting Lessons

We will teach you how to read greens more effectively and provide you with a clear insight into the biomechanics of the setup and the putting stroke. This combined with a consistent and repeatable putting routine will help you make more putts.

Free Short Game Lessons

This golf video lesson series has a focus on the short game. I will teach you the shots you will need to play to get the ball onto the green and close to the hole, from 100 yards to the edge of the green.

Free Long Game Lessons

This golf video lesson series has a focus on the long game. I will teach you the shots you will need to master to play a great round of golf from the tee to the green.

Golf Rules Updates

In this video series, we provide updates on the Rules of Golf.  This will provide you with guidance on the 2019 Rules of Golf.

What Is GOLF Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

Green2Tee delivers an innovative golf coaching experience to enable golfers of all standards to improve their game.

We blend the latest science and skill-based learning to deliver a comprehensive, structured online coaching solution.

With combined expertise in golf, the larger sports and leisure sector and online user experience, we provide a unique programme for you to complete via the medium of your choice at your desired pace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver quality golf coaching via a range of mediums to golfers of all levels, to exceed every customer’s expectations through our innovative approach, professional training videos and tailorable experience.


A new kind of golf course, blending science with skill, our approach to online golf coaching is unique and forward-thinking. Future-proof We use the latest science and coaching techniques, and we steadily add new content to our site and move with the times.


We listen to you Ask us questions, request specific videos and provide feedback as you go. We’re here to help and we always pay attention to your needs. Committed to improving your game we pride ourselves on being invested in your achievements and success. We know if we do the best job at improving your skill level, you’ll want to come back to us and refer us.

Professional Coaching.

Taught by knowledgeable professionals All modules are taught by experienced golfers and golfing instructors, who know what they are doing and how to impart their insights onto you. The very best in instruction and coaching. We offer superior coaching videos both in terms of content and quality, which we organize in a structured and logical way for you to progress through at your own pace.

Data Driven.

We rely on data and statistics to inform the content of our course modules; you benefit by learning golfing techniques that are proven to work, time after time. Based on science our formulaic training approach is based on scientific research, so you can be sure the Green2Tee course is well-poised to enhance your golfing performance.


We have been working for the past 2 years putting together the teaching materials and website, providing you with free golf training video’s, informative blogs and golf related information.

Many of you come to us because you really need help with your golf game. We wanted to provide you with all you need to improve and enjoy this great game, with help available wherever and whenever you need it.

We hope that you will be able to join us in funding the continued development of the website. Any amount you feel able to give will be highly appreciated. Please visit our donate page to find out how you can make a donation.


Len has been awarded the European Golf Teachers Federation Diploma, showing an understanding of;

The use of the rules of rules of golf handbook.

The playing ability to enable good demonstration techniques when teaching golf.

The EGTF teaching methodology.

Bill Abbott

Director of Education, EGTF

Len has attended our continual professional development programme and has been awarded certificates of attendance for:

Video Analysis.

Putting Biomechanics.

Advanced Short Game.

Bill Abbott

Director of Education, EGTF

Len is a quiet and intelligent instructor who possesses an agile and enquiring mind.

He is acknowledged as a Subject Matter Expert in Teaching and Learning Styles and puts his knowledge to excellent effect when delivering training or instructing students.

D C Bryan

Future Developments

More Free Golf Lesson Videos

Filming our current selection of videos at La Cala Golf Hotel & Spa was a wonderful experience and we hope that you enjoy the results.  We will need your financial support if we are to continue to develop the courses and help you play better golf.  Please visit our donations page to make a contribution.

Personal Swing Analysis Lessons

We would really like to be able to offer you a free swing analysis service to really help you develop your game.  This will cost us time and money both for the software and the instructors time.  We hope that we will be able to get your support to develop this service for you.  If you would like to make a donation follow the link below.

Golf Fitness Programmes

We are going to develop a fitness application using My PT HUb, which is an online web and mobile app, that would enable our personal trainer to create training and nutrition programmes for you.  The app will enable you to track your progress and achievements.  We will need your support to get things started.

Find Your A Game. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Play Your Best Golf Ever.

If you really want to improve your golf game, we will teach you how. We have filled the website with golf teaching videos, golf tips, and drills to help you improve.

We have developed the website based on my research on the statistics and the fundamentals required to play great golf and the most up to date golf teaching methods.


Take a positive step towards better golf.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Lower Your Scores Today!

Len at La Cala

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